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BDA is fortunate to have a team of hard working staff who support Deaf people in the best way they can.

The team is split between:

  • Head office in London
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland
  • England

The Head Office team

David Buxton - Director of Campaigns and Communications
Former CEO of BDA, he have previously worked as a senior manager in Scope and in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.  David have also been a Lib-Dem councillor and is involved in local politics. His job is to make sure that the BDA runs smoothly – keeping finances well-balanced, producing reports, managing membership, and raising funds for the future.

Damian Barry - Director of Community Development and Operations
Former CEO of Hearing Concern, Damian has also held the posts of Community Fundraising Manager for the British Red Cross and Director of Training and Operations with Friends For Young Deaf People, delivering the programme as far as New Zealand. 
Damian was a BDA's Board of Trustees as a Treasurer between 2010 to 2014. Damian said: “I am looking forward to this next challenge in working with the BDA and helping the Deaf community achieve their vision. I also look forward to working alongside Director of Campaigns and Communication, David Buxton.

Majella McAteer - Business Development Manager - Northern Ireland & Scotland
I have been working at the BDA for 15 years! Over the time I have seen lots of positive changes that I hope will continue. I work for Northern Ireland and Scotland sections of BDA.

Paul Redfern - Business Development Manager - England & Wales
I became full-time in May 2012 after being a consultant for a year.  This is my second time in the BDA when I worked as Head of Community Development for five years.  My job is to support David Buxton with fundraising, managing staff and ensuring the head office runs well.

Lyndon Borrow - Social Media and Website Officer

Christie Brown - Head Office Manager

Victoria Rea - Membership Assistant

Jamie Trounce - Graphic Designer

Anna Tsekouras - Communications Coordinator & British Deaf News Editor


The Scottish team

Manjeet Cross - Participation Officer
My name is Manjeet Cross; I am Participation Officer for BDA Scotland funded by Scottish Government, my role focus on increased BSL users in consultations through outreach workers and writing reports for Scottish Government and promote BSL Charter to local authority and public service.

Avril Hepner - Community Advocacy & Development Officer
My name is Avril Hepner. My job title is Community Advocacy and Development Officer Scotland. The regions that I cover are Central and Southern Scotland. My role involves one to one support with Deaf people via British Sign Language in areas such as housing, benefits, meeting with lawyers or support needed whilst attending court. In addition to this, I arrange information sessions such as consultations and open meetings, inviting along different organisations.

Helen Morgans-WenholdHate Crime Officer
Hi, I am Helen. I am excited to work with BDA Scotland as a Hate Crime Officer. My main responsibilities are to provide information sessions for Deaf people in Scotland, to develop resources in BSL, to work with different organisations and police, to research and produce a report on what gaps exist regarding access to the Justice System and Police Scotland for Deaf people.

Katie MowatHealth Challenge Officer
Deaf Health Challenge Officer for BDA Scotland - funded by Scottish Government. I joined the BDA recently (October 2013). My job is make sure that Deaf people have equal and direct access to all health care and health promotion across whole of Scotland.

Jean Pentland - Community Advocacy & Development Officer
My role is to support people one to one and encourage them to become independent. I set up forums for discussions how to improve council access so Deaf people have access. So through our discussions we hope to see things improve.


The Welsh team

James Barnes-Miller - Participation Officer
I first joined the BDA in November 2011, really excited to work with the young people. We are currently working on a DVD with DEFFO! which we hope to launch in November 2012

Michelle Fowler-Powe - Community Advocacy Officer
I started in May 2008  as Community Advocacy Officer for South Wales. The best part of my job is when I see services engaging with the Deaf community as a result of our work.


The Northern Ireland team

Sue Barry - Project Coordinator for Deaf Roots and Pride Project
Hello, my name is Sue Barry. My job role is Project Coordinator for Deaf Roots and Pride Project. I started last June (2014) and my biggest achievement is seeing Deaf children are starting to make positive changes.

Susan Campbell - Community Advocacy Officer
Hello, my name is Susan Campell and my role is a Community Advocacy Officer based in Belfast. My biggest achievement is getting this new job as which I am delighted about. I have just started so it may be a challenge at first but I look forward to working with you all.

Paula Clark - Mentor
Hello, my name is Paula Clarke. I am a mentor for a Project called Deaf Roots & Pride which is aimed at young Deaf people. My dream is for this project to become successful where many young Deaf people visit my office and I can devote all of my attention to them. Our office is based in Northern Ireland in Belfast. I have been in post since 10th June 2013.

Alice Johnston - Community Advocacy Officer
In 2011 I started with the aim of empowering the local Deaf community to improve access to services.  My proudest achievement is the completion of the ‘Is it my turn yet?’ report following a survey on GP services.

Alison McInnesProject Administrator for Deaf Roots and Pride Project
Hello, my name is Alison McInnes. My role is Project Administrator for Deaf Roots and Pride Project. I started to work for the BDA in last year (2013). My biggest achievement so far is learning sign language.

Colette McMahon - Empowerment and Campaigns Officer
I first joined the BDA in 2010. I have enjoyed my time thus far- I’ve been given the opportunity to put my own ideas to practice. My proudest achievement was when the Northern Ireland Deaf community participated in International Women’s Day.


The England team

Robin Ash – Empowerment and Campaigns Officer (Midlands)
I was appointed to work for the BDA in April 2011. My role is to empower local Deaf Communities and campaigns for improved access to local services including working with local community groups, setting up forums and training events. My proudest achievement to date is leading the successful BSL Debates tour and Signathon, a fund raising event at Derby raising over £1300 for the BDA as part of the BSL Day celebrations in 2012.

James McLean - Empowerment and Campaigns Officer (North West England)
I joined the BDA in 2011 as North West England’s Empowerment and Campaigns Officer. I am very proud of the fact that the BDA is the only organisation that represents the BSL Community. During my time at the BDA we’ve managed to increase several local authorities’ awareness of BSL. 

Graham Welton - Community Development Officer (London)
Hello my name is Graham Welton. My role, I am the BDA community development officer for BDA of London. I have start with working BDA last year March. I feel at privilege and proud to be part of BDA. I regularly worked with the Deaf forums to empower and train Deaf community to consult with councils and health service. It is important, the deaf forum have the voice of their community to campaign.


The Film Heritage team

Jemma Buckley - Project Manager
I joined the BDA in August 2012. My post is funded by a Heritage Lottery Fund grant to research and finalise the plans for the BDA’s national ‘Heritage Picture House’ project.

Lisanne Holly - Project Assistant

Sam Allen - Regional Deaf Heritage Officer (North East England)

Joe Collins - Regional Deaf Heritage Officer (London & South East England)

Carolyn Denmark - Regional Deaf Heritage Officer (South West England & South Wales)

John Hay - Regional Deaf Heritage Officer (The Midlands)

Johanna Lodge - Regional Deaf Heritage Officer (Northern Ireland)

Maureen Morrison - Regional Deaf Heritage Officer (Scotland)