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BSL Charter update for East Midlands

27 May 2014

Text transcript from video:

BSL Charter update for East Midlands – May 2014

Welcome here at the BDA. We are here to provide you with an update regarding the BSL Charter for the East Midlands.

You may remember we have been providing you with updates regarding the signing of the Charter with various organisations such as local Councils and the NHS Trusts.

After a period of time, I am pleased to announce that two NHS Trusts have agreed to sign the BSL Charter. They are the Nottingham Healthcare NHS Trust and the Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. Both have signed and celebrated the signing of the Charter with the local Deaf Communities.

The BDA congratulates both the Nottingham Healthcare and Derbyshire Healthcare which ensures that a commitment to move forward and improve access for the Deaf Communities. Well done to both.

With the various signings undertaken by the local Councils and NHS Trusts, you may be wondering what actions have taken place since then. Well, Action Plans have been developed and elements of work have started. As an example, Derby City Council signed up to the revised Charter to incorporate six pledges for hard of hearing community.  They, alongside the BDA, Derby Deaf Forum and CAMTAD have had a range of discussions on the development of the Action Plan.

This Action Plan is also discussed with the local Deaf Community which took place at the Derby Deaf Information Day. They will also be holding a series of Deaf Forum meetings to continually discuss the contents of the Action Plan. This is to be commended.

Leicestershire County Council have committed themselves and signed up to two pledges one of which is ensuring access to information and regular consultations with their local Deaf Community.  They are presenting their Action Plan at the Leicester Deaf Forum. That is going well.

Last January, Nottingham City Council and Nottingham University NHS Trust signed up to the BSL Charter and have moved forward very quickly on the development of their Action Plan but will be checking out with their local Deaf Community about their experience of accessing their services. They are organising an Open Meeting to consult with and identify what have been the issues in accessing services. They will also explore what it is like to live in Nottingham for Deaf people.  All those views will be incorporated into the Action Plan.

From the BDA’s perspective, all these Action Plans are now in progress. It will continue to be essential that all organisations continue to consult with their local Deaf Communities.

You may also be asking the question, but what about other Councils who have yet to sign up? Well, there is another update.

Derbyshire County Council after discussion at Cabinet level, have now agreed to sign up to the Charter. The signing and celebration of the Charter will take place at County Hall sometime this year. Congratulations to them for doing so.

There are other Councils and NHS Trusts considering signing up to the Charter and is being discussed at various levels such as going through the Equality section, then Cabinet level. Once it has been approved formally, we will let you know.

In the meantime, I would like to thank each organisation for signing up to the BSL Charter and the development of individual Action Plans all of which is being done with the goal of improving access and ensuring equality for Deaf People.


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