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Access to Services for Deaf People in Derby City - Project Final Report

24 September 2014

Text transcript for video above:

Hello. Welcome to the BDA.

We would like to inform you of our recent partnership project with Derby Deaf Forum. This was funded by Derby City Council to find out Deaf people’s experiences of accessing services here in Derby City.

This was conducted in several ways.  First, a survey where we interviewed over 120 local community voluntary organisations to find out their experiences of delivering and providing accessible services to Deaf people. The range of organisations interviewed included Debt Advisors, Information Services, and Scout groups. Their findings have proved interesting.

Secondly, we interviewed 125 Deaf people who shared their experiences of accessing services here in Derby City. Their stories are also documented in the report.

When collating both sets of findings, one issue was clearly evident, the need for training.  This consisted of providing Deaf Equality training to community voluntary organisations to ensure they became aware of their need to comply with equality duties in the provision of services to Deaf people.

We also provided training to Deaf people including young people to become aware of their rights through the Equality Act, how to use Interpreters and we also organised a community information event day so Deaf people would know where to go for information.

Based on both sets of findings, what is clear in conclusion, is the lack of awareness that exists in the Deaf Community about where they can go to source information, so having access is vital. They do not have access because they use British Sign Language.  What needs to be looked into is the need to establish an advocacy, translation and training services.  Advocacy to support Deaf people to gain confidence in requesting the need for information.  If the information is not understood, provide a translation of the information received.  Training is then required to enable participation within society.

The agreed recommendations within the report are:

Derby City Council to become the lead by example as they have recently signed up to Derby’s Commitment to Equality for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People here in Derby City.

To be the lead example is showing how they are making their services accessible and run smoothly for Deaf people here in the City.

The examples can then be disseminated to other organisations who may also wish to provide the same level of access for the benefit of Deaf service users

Derby City Council to also set up regular consultation meetings with the Deaf Community to seek their views as well as provide the Community with regular updates regarding their services.

Derby City Council to establish a working group consisting of Derby Deaf Forum, the BDA and other organisations to look at current barriers and come up with innovative ideas in resolving those barriers which would then lead to Deaf people being able to access services.

Research the viability of setting up an advocacy Service, Translation service, training provision for Deaf people to become active participants.

This particular report which documents Deaf people’s experiences as well as the views of community organisations was presented to Derby City Council’s Open Meeting with the Deaf Community on the 10th September with the request that they lead and work collectively together to achieve Equality for Deaf people.

Thank you.

Download Access to Services for Deaf People - Derby - Final Report