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Announcement of new BDA Trustees for 2014-2017

3 October 2014



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There are eight nominations verified and accepted for eight seats on the new Board, therefore there is no need for the BDA members to vote. 

However, it’s useful for our BDA members to know about the new Board. Please see the Board's statements and videos for members’ interests.



I have been involved with the BDA for many years and organised successful Youth Exchange trips to Japan and Iceland. Having been part of the youth activities over the years has helped make me who I am today; I am so pleased to see that BDAY has been set up as the youth of today are our future. I grew up having attended several BDA congresses and conference over the years and I have seen first-hand what their Vision, Mission and Values are.

On the professional side, I am a TV producer and I have worked in BBC See Hear and Remark on various programmes which was heavily involved in the Deaf Community and I was able to see how the deaf community has changed over the years. It broadened my understanding around the lives of Deaf people. Being in my 30’s and I can see how things have changed over the years from my youth to young people today. I have had the opportunity to travel the length and breadth of the country meeting people far and wide. I love meeting people, I see myself as a people person.

Media is my strongest area and I would like to see the BDA keep up to date with social media and keep up with the trends staying modern. I would like them to bring the community together especially as next year it will be a big year for us to celebrate 125 years which is an exciting prospect indeed.


Hello my name is Damian Barry.  I have been the BDA Trustee / Treasurer for the BDA for the last three years. My main focus has been to ensure the BDA developed a strong financial foundation for the future and develop a healthy Pension Fund to service the pension deficit that was a major problem for BDA.  To ensure continuity, and stability, I‘m standing again for re-election as a trustee to make sure BDA can complete the Pension Fund and remove the pension deficit problem and support the BDA and the Deaf community to grow in the future.

I am currently Chair of Deaf Village Ireland and Director of my own company Deaf Answers. I was previously CEO of Hearing Concern and believe that I have the necessary skills and experience to bring to the Board and enable BDA to become stronger in the community.

During the last three years as Trustee / Treasurer, I have committed over 90 days supporting BDA at different meetings, BDA staff, BDA events, outside groups such as Pension Trust and Financial reviews to get the necessary information so that the Board can make the correct decision, and make sure BDA remains healthy.

Lastly I want to support the BDA during their 125th birthday celebrations next year and make sure there are funds available to support the community to come together and celebrate.

Your vote for me will ensure BDA remains healthy in the future.


I had been in the Board of Trustees (2011-2014) which enable me to give support to the BDA to continue with their activities within the Deaf community. I feel there’s a lot which haven’t completed yet due to other important issues needed to be completed, therefore I want to stay on for another three years to focus on the deaf community, to get more people involved into the BDA, and to celebrate the 125 years of the BDA!

Please vote for me, to allow me supporting the BDA toward positive and strong deaf community!

My background - My (deaf) father had been a BDA member for many years, I am a long-term BDA member, I have worked in the BDA in the past both paid & voluntary. Since when I was little, I enjoyed the BDN and attend BDA’s rallies/events and want to continue with the traditional especially for deaf children & young people, to make it a ‘proud community’.


I have been a BDA Trustee for the past three years, and I’d like to carry on for several reasons; I feel it’s crucial that some of the current trustees continue, to look after the pension deficit and to ensure financial stability for the next three years.

It’s important we have a clear vision that the BDA as an organisation maintains and preserves sign language. I would like to see the BDA become closer with the Deaf Community.

I think the three-year strategy should shift to have more of a balance, as opposed to too much politics, and I’m pleased that the BDAY has been set up, as it’s their future.

I’d like to highlight four main themes for the next 3-years:

  • Political – to engage interested individuals to actively campaign for improvement.
  • Cultural – to engage in activities to promote Deaf Culture, e.g. drama, and art.
  • Social – to engage members and non-members in all aspects of Deaf Community life.
  • Training – to engage Deaf people in their personal development to become active in their community.

I would like to be involved in the planning for the 125 year celebration; being on the Board of Trustees for the past three years has given me a good insight into what the Deaf Community needs and are looking for, and I think this can be incorporated in all the planning, as well as going forward.


Asif is a Deaf and use British Sign Language. From a young age, Asif have always been involved in voluntary work and go the love for getting involved with community projects, supporting and empowering people to have a voice and influencing decision makers. He graduated from UCLAN with BA (Hons) degree in Deaf Studies and Education and flourished with his passion in campaigning for London Deaf community in partnership with GLA. He also worked with TV shows and campaigned for BSL access where Deaf people were in the audiences.

His background are vast ranging from campaigning, advocacy, social services, public speaking, politics, community development/engagement, media and working with public services. As a result, Asif has been successful in his work with the Deaf communities as well as working with several organisations/local authorities/Government including Deaf Parenting UK and Harrow United Deaf Club.

Asif is passionate on Equalities issues and thrives on challenges in making a difference to people’s lives; influencing for better changes in public services. He recently stand as a candidate for the local election in Harrow and was seen as a breakthrough!

His previous Public appointments also included Board member of the RADAR (Royal Association Disability and Rights, now known as Disability Right UK) and DWP. In recognition of his extensive work, he was honoured with MBE for his services to D/deaf and disabled people.

“I have lots to offer to BDA and keen to see positive changes within the organisation and engaging more with communities”.


As some of you may know, I am the current one of the trustee of BDA for the last past three years. It has been a fantastic experience and I have learnt so much over the last three years alongside my fellow trustees.

Yet after my first term, I am still not satisfied. Why? Because I strongly feel I can continue improving the BDA and I still can see few gaps, in particular the relationship with our community. The BDA might have achieved so much over the years, but yet I still don’t feel we are approachable yet. Our community is so important to the BDA and we cannot survive without it.

In my previous election statement, I made promise that I will thrive and grow the youth community in the UK. In pursuit of this aim I set up the ‘BDAYouth’ which consists of 5 committee members and myself as Chair. We have seen great success in reconnecting with young deaf people and I am determined to see BDAYouth grow. We are looking at securing further funding which will enable us to explore exciting new opportunities! Young people are OUR FUTURE!

I am passionate about the BDA and I strongly believe that we can achieve a great deal in the next three years, in particular the 125 years celebration with lots of social opportunities! I am promising I will give my best efforts to achieve the very best for the Deaf community and the BDA.


As an active member of the Deaf community, I feel a sense of responsibility to support the BDA in a more proactive way. By putting myself forward to become a BDA trustee, I will be able to put that responsibility into action. I promise to work hard and be an ambassador that fights against issues that are affecting our community at present.

I’ve worked within Media, and more specifically for the BBC, for the past 13 years. This wealth of experience will greatly benefit the BDA, especially as we approach the milestone of 125 years. I currently work as The One Show’s social media producer, and I intend to draw on this experience to raise the profile of the BDA in every way possible.

Within my role as a Producer, I often managed filming budgets that involved a range of responsibilities; from ensuring the quality of the film to getting the cheapest deals, to negotiating contracts and dealing with payments. I intend to use this experience to find ways where we can be more effective with our resources and finances.

I’m currently the chair of London Deaf Drama Group, which has just celebrated its 25th anniversary. We organise theatre productions, events and workshops that requires considerable organizational skills.

My ultimate aim is to see a Deaf community who is proud of its identity, language and culture and for us to be accepted as a linguistic community not as a medical problem. It’s time to change attitudes once and for all!


I have been an active member of the British Deaf Association for 37 years and have made a significant contribution to promoting the BDA as specialists in equality. I have been a leading campaigner in tackling barriers and discrimination that Deaf people face and making Deaf people aware of their rights and the steps in tackling discrimination, barriers and exclusions.

I bring a wealth of experience from being vice chair of the BDA from 2007-2009, and being active at local, regional and board levels.

I am very eager to bring my skills to the Board of Trustees on the following points:

  • Represent the views of the BDA membership and to ensure that the BDA remains a member-led organisation and give members more influence in shaping the BDA.
  • My expertise as a successful Youth and Community worker, general and legal advocate to gather all ages, from children to the elderly back to the heart of the deaf community and bring social values close to BDA again.
  • Knowledge in governance, legal, financial and management skills.
  • Enable the BDA to increase their diversity, covering all ages, sexual orientations, ethnicities and disabilities, across the grassroots Deaf Community and make BDA more accessible for all.

If elected, I pledge for the Board of Trustees, the BDA Colleagues and BDA members to show an united front and for the BDA to continue growing in strength and enabling the grassroots Deaf community to influence the shaping of the BDA’s services, events, training.

Please vote for me.

Election of BDA Trustee Nomination form - 2014

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