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“Taste Your Future”: Deaf young persons career event

5 February 2015

Young deaf people can do anything, except hear. That’s the driving message behind BDA Northern Ireland’s innovative new careers workshops day, “Taste Your Future,” taking place on 5 February 2015 at Queen’s University, Belfast.

Forming part of the Deaf Roots and Pride Project – a three year project funded by the Big Lottery Fund - the fair is aimed at young Deaf people who are transitioning both from primary to secondary school, and from secondary school to external environments.

Young Deaf and hard of hearing people (from Year 8 at secondary school up to 25) will be able to meet a range of Deaf professionals, working in various fields from architecture, nursing, law, film production, lecturing, dog grooming, sports coaching, plumbing and floristry amongst many others.

By taking part in hands-on workshops, the young participants will get a taste of a range of careers, inspiring them to think about their own career choices and the subjects required for those career pathways, such as choosing subjects for GCSES and A Levels.

Meeting inspiring Deaf role models will provide an invaluable opportunity for young Deaf people to find out how they embarked on their careers, the subjects they studied, how they coped at university/college and later in the workplace.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity for young people to meet, interact with, and learn from deaf professional role models who can share their experiences, insights and advice for those who yearn to "taste their future!" says Lawyer and Professor Dr. Michael Schwartz.

“Young deaf people will hugely benefit from this event. It is something that I wished they had set up a long time ago, before I was guided into my own career path. I highly recommend it to all deaf oral and sign language users,” says Holly Lane, Translator.

Richard Dougherty, Associate Architect for award-winning firm Hall McKnight Architects agrees: “My parents have always encouraged me to embrace my deafness as an identity and use whatever qualities I had to my advantage - which is probably why I became an architect as I knew I perceive things uniquely. However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”

This is the first time an event of this nature has been organised in Northern Ireland. It is a way of ensuring young Deaf people have the same opportunities as their hearing peers.

Event: Taste Your Future
Date: Thursday 5 February 2015
Time: 10am to 2.30pm
Where: Queen’s University, Belfast

Download a flyer copy here

For more information on the event contact, Julie Graham, Transitions Officer, Deaf Roots & Pride Project: transitions.drp@bda.org.uk