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Calling for examples of good and bad practice within the Scottish education system

2 April 2015

Scottish Parliament – Education and Culture Committee’s Inquiry into attainment of school pupils with a sensory impairment - Call for views

The British Deaf Association (Scotland) have received a request from the Scottish Parliament to submit a formal response to the inquiry into attainment by deaf students in schools. See the following link - click here.

In order to help us prepare a strong report we are calling for examples of good and bad practice within the Scottish education system.

  • Deaf people up to the age of 35: We would like to know your views of good and bad experiences being a deaf pupil in Scottish schools.
  • Parents, professionals and teachers: We are interested to hear from you about your experiences with deaf students at Scottish schools. This should be recent experiences - not before the year 2000.

You could answer these questions:

  1. Did you get support and access at school? Primary school good? Secondary school good?
  2. What are your language or communication support experiences at school? If they were good, why? Was your worker qualified to provide good enough support? If not, why?
  3. Do / did you get regular support from teachers of the Deaf? If not, why?
  4. Did you get asked your opinion by your parents and professionals about what sort of support at school was best for you?
  5. Did you get influenced in one way or another to 'choose' one sort of language and communication support? Was a real choice on offer?
  6. Any other areas you want to tell us – your experience at school?

If you name a school, we assure you we will not name them in the report – STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

We want to show the Scottish Parliament examples of good and poor practice. The aim is to encourage them to invest more in better support for deaf pupils in Scotland. You can reply in BSL on video or in writing. Please keep your evidence brief. We will of course keep all names of schools, authorities or people off the evidence we give.

Closing date for submissions: 14th April 2015 (1pm)

Send your submission in email: bsl-events@bda.org.uk

If you prefer face to face either at Glasgow or Inverness offices; or video-call via Skype / Facetime / ooVoo - please send an email to BDA Scotland team at cado.sthscot@bda.org.uk to arrange date and time.

Thank you for your help.