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Deaf Nepal earthquake first emergency response - IDE

29 April 2015

Tragedy has struck in Nepal on April 25th, 2015. An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 left many displaced and distressed. 

International Deaf Emergency (IDE) is committed to provide first emergency response to the Deaf community in Nepal. $9,000 USD (£5,841 GBP) is needed to support immediate basic needs and to help them to go through the recovery process.

Deaf people often get left behind when it comes to collecting supplies and/or food during natural/man-made disaster emergencies because often organisations would announce dispensation of food and supplies via audio/verbal announcements. Often missing out opportunities to receive food and supplies. 


Estimated 30 families are in need of help. $200 USD will support one family for a month: 200 x 30 = $6,000 USD (£3,894 GBP)

$1,000 USD for local Deaf organisations

$2,000 USD as a security fund 

Total of $9,000 USD (£5,841 GBP) is needed to make this emergency operation possible.

DONATE NOW: CLICK HERE - www.crowdrise.com/idenepal

Any amount of donations would be much appreciated. Even $1 USD donation would go a long way and feed a survivor a warm meal and clean water. 

Also as Amercian NGO, we will send you a letter of thank you for tax deduction to whom donate from USA.

Thank you, 

International Deaf Emergency Inc


PLEASE NOTE: IDE is recognised and supported by World Federation of the Deaf.