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BDA Supports the efforts of Sara and Lisa Kelly

18 May 2015

For information - see latest news article: "Deaf sisters slam concert promoters for refusing to provide a signer for One Direction's Belfast concert"

Director of Community Development and Operations, Damian Barry said: "The BDA supports the efforts of Sara and Lisa Kelly. 

These are young people, who just like anyone their age, like to have fun and be swept up in One Direction mania. 

All they asked was to be included.

Every young person deserves the right to access and enjoy entertainment and to be treated fairly to everyone else.

Stage interpreters do not just wave their hands in the air – they are highly trained professionals, who have high-quality, specific skills in interpreting performances and sharing that with all audiences – no matter who they are.

Shouldn’t giant promotional companies, like Aiken Promotions, be sending the message that One Direction embrace every single one of their fans – even if those fans are deaf?"




[ Text transcript of the video will be available soon ]