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BDA meets DWP next week – Access to Work

21 May 2015

Now that the election is completed we have another ongoing meeting with DWP as some new ATW issues and Guidelines have now cropped  up which gives us great concern

In order to be prepared with our arguments, we need the very latest and up to date evidence to submit to ATW and the meeting, with this in mind,  the BDA is now asking you the deaf community of your recent experiences of ATW in two specific areas:

  1. The BDA would like to talk to Deaf employees working in a non-deaf working environment who have recently experienced problems with their Access to Work funding, either having it cut or severely reduced.
  2. We also want to hear from anyone who recently lost their job simply because their employer would not cover their language and communication support after Access to Work had refused to continue their funding.

It is vital that we are able to provide good and very clear evidence about the failures of Access to Work in our presentation to the DWP. They say their policy is to make sure Deaf people stay in work with support from Access to Work. We need to prove that in some cases this is not happening. 

Please contact BDA: directorcc@bda.org.uk

Thank you,

David  Buxton
Director of Campaigns and Communications