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Congratulations goes to Finnish Association of the Deaf!

22 May 2015

The BDA sends it congratulations to the Finnish Association of the Deaf who received an award at the 2015 Jodi Awards, presented by Baroness Campbell of Surbiton at an awards ceremony at the British Library on 20 May.

The Finnish Association of the Deaf received an award in recognition of its pioneering new service, The Sign Language eLibrary of Finland. At its launch, this project made available 250 filmed sign language versions of books, and between one and three videos are added to the collection each week.  The sign language eLibrary has been accepted as part of the library network in Finland. Not only does it support access to information in sign language, but it strengthens the identity of sign language users and brings Deaf culture to the fore.

Judges praised the national scale of this new project, and commended the positive role it plays in bridging gaps between communities.

BDA Chair and WFD Board member, Dr Terry Riley said: "We are very pleased that one of our closest Deaf international friends and campaigners won this important award. Every country should be encouraged to develop more e-sign language resources for everyone who wants to learn, read and "speak" our language. This would make sign language more visible, make us feel more valued and promote our inclusion in society."

For more visit Jodi Award website.

Finnish Association the Deaf website with news of their award (in Finnish sign and text languages).