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From Disability Rights UK: Work Capability Assessment Survey

31 August 2012

The Work Capability Assessment (WCA) is the testing system used to decide what support and out of work benefits disabled people can access.
There are about 11,000 WCA tests every week and Disability Rights UK is very concerned that the system is unfit for purpose, not ensuring disabled people are supported into work where possible and is causes significant distress and anxiety for disabled people.

Professor Harrington is undertaking his third and final independent Review of the WCA and they would like your help to shape their response.

They have drafted a short online survey that includes questions from the Harrington Review and some extra questions to ensure they provide a response based on disabled people’s experiences. They would be very grateful if you could help publicise our survey to your members and service users and encourage them to complete it.

The survey is available at www.disabilityrightsuk.org/harringtonsurvey.htm

They would welcome you making a link available to the survey on your own website. The survey is open for individuals and advisers to complete, if you would like to contribute as an organisation please e-mail neil.coyle@disabiltyrightsuk.org . Thank you.