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EUD 2012 UNCRPD survey

27 July 2012

Dear EUD Member NADs,

As announced at the General Assembly in Copenhagen in May EUD has produced a follow-up survey to its 2012 UNCRPD survey. I have taken under consideration the comments and suggestions collected at our workshop and created three separate surveys: one for NADs, one for Deaf individuals and one for European level organisations and individuals.

We ask every Deaf association to answer the survey so we can create a strong report at the end of the year. The deadline is: 15 October 2012 . Please take the time and answer our survey. Your opinion is important for our work!

We will update our website every Monday to show which Deaf Associations and how many Deaf individuals from which countries have answered. So please do not disappoint your country!

Please click here for the International Sign version of the introduction: http://www.eud.eu/Introduction_to_UNCRPD_Survey-i-350.html

Please click here for the NAD version of the survey: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/953036/UNCRPD-Survey-NADs

We would be very grateful if you could also disseminate the survey for Deaf individuals: http://www.eud.eu/UNCRPD_Survey_-_Individuals-i-443.html