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BDA's Deaf Bike Team Battles Through the Hills

2 July 2012

On a breezy Sunday morning on 1st July 2012, several hundred bikers came to Ealing to prepare to set off on the London to Oxford bike ride - 60 miles, a mile for each year that the Queen has been on the throne, a fitting tribute to celebrate Her Majesty's 60th Diamond Jubilee! At the same time riders were preparing to set off from Birmingham and Bristol to all arrive at the same finishing point on the outskirts of the ancient and world famous University of Oxford.

The BDA's Deaf Bike team, consisting of 14 riders led by Bronwynne Buxton, wife of the BDA's Chief Executive, proudly wearing their purple shirts emblazoned with "DEAF TEAM" on the back and with refreshing, determined and energetic faces! They raced off at about 7.45am into the distance and disappeared from the small deaf cheering crowd!

SMS messages flied between riders and their families, friends and supporters from check point 1 to the finishing line! Some said "Now 25 miles, good so far", "Ah.. horrible Marlow Hills... phew quick lunch", "All mixed feelings tough, similar London to Brighton, another 13 miles to go!", "Adam wheel flat!", "Four miles to go, very tired", "Huuuuurrraaaaayyyy, we just got here - desperate for cold beers, hot burgers, yeesss!"

At the finishing line they were greeted with lively music, large tents and a crowd of proud families, friends and supporters. The welcome was wonderful and despite the riders being very tired and sweaty the determined strong Deaf Bike Team arrived with lots of hugs and some tears, some laid flat down in exhaustion with clenched fists! One said "60 miles, ah terrible battle through the awful evil hills, face against strong winds.... yet really enjoyed seeing beautiful English hills and countryside, a few red kites flying above us, supporting each of us, cars peeping us but realised we are the DEAF TEAM on our backs, make us so proud who we are... safe, sound but really bloody tired at the end!" David Buxton, the BDA's Chief Executive, was at the end, thanking each member of the team. But one challenged him about doing it. His response was "I might consider following my good friend Susan Daniels' parachute jump - although I am honestly terrified of the heights!?"

Many congratulations to the Deaf Bike Team! So far they have raised over £5,200 for the BDA's much needed Deaf Community and Youth projects. If you wish to support the team, please make donations on the British Deaf Association's Just Giving page: