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BDA Questionnaire about DLA and PIP changes

26 March 2012

In February, the Government passed a new law about welfare benefits (Welfare Reform Act 2012) that will change what people get when they are unemployed, have a disability or impairment.

One of the changes means Disability Living Allowance (DLA) will be replaced with Personal Independence Payments (PIP) between 2013 and 2016. People who get DLA now will slowly be moved onto the new PIP benefit. This is only for people aged 16 – 64; children who get DLA now will carry on with DLA.

The biggest difference with PIP is that everyone who gets it will have to take a test to see if they meet the rules on what help you need. The Government are now they are asking what people think about the rules. The new test involves looking at how you can talk and communicate with people and what help you need to understand money and information.

The BDA has created a short questionnaire for members to fill in and tell us about your DLA and the new test. Please let us have your completed questionnaires by 6th April.

Click here to open the BDA Questionnaire