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BDA Survey of Financial Cuts to Deaf Organisations, Clubs, Groups and Deaf Services

16 March 2012

Are you worried about the future of your deaf organisation, club or group? What cuts are you facing? Will you survive?

How much have you been cut by this year and what cuts are you expecting next financial year? What’s the impact of these cuts on your activities, projects and/or services and Deaf people?

The BDA would like to get a clear picture of how funding cuts are really affecting your deaf organisation, club or group.

This survey will provide vital evidence of the impact of the cuts - evidence that we can all use to lobby funders, politicians, policymakers and decision-makers.

The BDA will analyse the survey results and share it with you as well as funders and policymakers. Please respond quickly, so that we can share our results on our website. Individual responses will be kept strictly confidential.

The survey will be open until Thursday May 3rd. Survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BDA-survey

For further information, please contact Tom Lichy, Local Campaigns Officer: thomasl@bda.org.uk